How to Fix a Webcam That Is Displaying a Black Screen on Windows

You may, for instance, vary the brightness level or tweak the contrast to see how you would seem if the lighting in the room were greater or lower. This will give you an idea of how you would appear in each scenario. You may begin testing your camera “with one click” on various devices, including computers, smartphones, TVs, tablets, etc. As a consequence of testing, you will not only discover whether or not your webcam is functioning, but you will also learn a great deal of information about it that is relevant and helpful.

  • You can fix this by rolling the driver back using Device Manager.
  • We found cameras that were great for business users and budget buyers.
  • To use your phone, click on «Phone Call» and then dial one the the numbers listed.

Unbelievable that this is the only place I found this information for my MSI laptop Visit site. Feeling pretty stupid that a shortcut as simple as that was the solution, but pretty cool it has this feature, to take it out of the BIOS is very surprising! The icon on the keyboard looks nothing like a camera, I presumed it was screen contrast. Try the link below for the drivers for your laptop and you should see an option chipset etc on there and hopefully this may help update the drivers etc on your laptop.


The image on the right has improved webcam settings and a LUT applied in OBS. The Insta360 Link did an excellent job of balancing both exposure and white balance, producing an image that required almost no tweaking out of the box. One of the Link’s main selling points is its “True Focus,” which uses Phase Detection Auto Focus to quickly auto-focus on a subject. I wouldn’t say the Link’s auto-focus was “near-instant” — it definitely wasn’t — but it was much quicker and more consistent than other webcams I’ve used. Like Obsbot’s competing Tiny cam, many of these features can be activated via gesture, so you don’t have to click around in the Link Controller software. Similarly, Whiteboard mode can be activated by forming a «V» with your pointer and middle fingers.

Make a test zoom meeting to test audio and video by going to this website and clicking Join. I broke down and tried YouTube today, live streaming an econometrics class with an ATEM mini. There were a few minor annoyances, but the video quality was superb and the Live Chat worked fine, so I’ll probably stick with it for now – at least until Zoom re-enables HD video. This post is the product of several months of experimenting, learning, conversing, and purchasing. Video feed not working on Zoom might be due to the old build on your mobile or computer.

To install Driver Easy

Added status text to splash screen during program start up. The Quick Adjust icon wasn’t updated when switching scenes. Update layer’s Fx icon when Skin Smoother effect is changed in the Quick Adjust dialog. Fixed crash when a frame is read from a video file when the file source is already deleted. Fixed program crash on start up when no last project file is saved to the registry.

This is great; especially because it allow me to select a different webcam other than the one on my laptop. Excellent tool for camera-using novices like myself. Quick, easy to use, impossible to make an error even for me! It was good to be able to check my camera before I had to attend a meeting.

Before you start your meeting or conference, it’s a good idea to check your video and audio settings. If you can’t hear a ringtone, click on the drop-down menu and select No to switch your speakers until you hear the ringtone. Then click Yes to continue to the ‘access your microphone’ test. If you plan on hosting Zoom calls, it’s best to make sure you choose some secure settings before starting a meeting. If you’re running a public meeting, that means anyone with the link can pop in.

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