Hp Compaq 6730s Laptop

I’ll second shawncantin’s recommendation – check the power options. Hibernation and sleep settings can wreak havoc, also see if you have any large hibernation files and clear them out. The random freezes turned out to be caused by the Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard set the user had on her office desk.

  • Still, it requires you to set the application in Windowed or Borderless as Discord can share ANY active window on your computer.
  • Different manufacturer has different shortcut key.
  • After you check that your device is Miracast compatible, you can now simply go for Wireless Display installation on Windows 11.

Malware is any kind of dangerous software, and viruses are the most common kind of malware. If you don’t regularly clear out your C drive of junk files, you might run into this error. CMOS batteries are very inexpensive and one that is no longer keeping a charge can certainly be the cause of Windows freezing, stopping, or rebooting during startup. Choose your System drive, select a Custom size and enter Initial size and Maximum size in MB. You can set any value for Initial size, and as for Maximum size, you should set it to 1.5x larger than your amount of RAM in MB. After doing that click on Set and OK to save changes. After installing the missing updates, the issue should be completely resolved.

Clear Browser Cache Data

After removing the Netflix app, go to its official website and download the latest version of the program. If the Netflix app is still freezing after you’ve applied these steps, then move on to the next solution. Whatever’s causing the issue, we can teach you how to fix Windows 10 freezing when streaming Netflix. There are various solutions we’ve prepared for you. So, we recommend that you work your way down the list until you find the one that will resolve the problem effectively.

#2 Disconnect All External Devices, Unplug All Usb Devices

Other things that will help you punch up a successful report or research complex topics include a comfy keyboard and sensitive touchpad. And when it’s time to relax, be sure to get a laptop with a vivid and bright display . If battery life is your biggest concern the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro will outlast anything in its class with remotely similar performance. In our testing, we found that an Envy x with a Ryzen U CPU can outperform laptops blog.windll.com with 10th Gen Intel chips. This specific Envy costs just $800 and can outmuscle laptops that cost well over $1,000, including the exorbitant MacBook Pro. Moreover, the Envy x has a bright, vivid 13.3-inch display and a comfortable keyboard. It’s not aimed at someone who knows their audio tech inside-out.

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